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Hey. Be nice at work.

“People who have a good peer support system at work may live longer than people who don’t have such a support system,” says a 20-year workplace research project published by the American Psychological Association. “This effect of peer social support on the risk of mortality was most pronounced among those between the ages of 38 and 43. Yet similar support from workers’ supervisors had no effect on mortality,” the study said; it appeared in the May issue of “Health Psychology.”


• 65 percent of U.S. voters oppose the creation of “sanctuary cities” that offer a haven to illegal immigrants.

• 18 percent are undecided, 17 percent support the creation of such cities.

• 59 percent of voters overall favor a cutoff of federal funds for sanctuary cities.

• 79 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of unaffiliated voters agree.

• 45 percent of Democrats disagree and support the funding.

• 58 percent of voters overall think the Justice Department should prosecute sanctuary cities regardless of congressional action.

• 26 percent are opposed to legal action and 16 percent are not sure.

Source: A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely U.S. voters conducted May 7

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