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While veterans have borne the brunt of such competitive tensions, three of the four coaches in the semifinals — Danowski, Starsia and Denver’s Bill Tierney - each have more than 25 years of Division I experience.

Maryland’s John Tillman is this year’s age outlier, but the first-year coach’s contract reflects the new age in the sport. Tillman signed a seven-year deal in June, and a season was added to the contract when the Terrapins advanced to the final four.

Meade maintains a global perspective of the situation. He said increased competitive pressures influence the already difficult decisions athletic directors must make for their schools.

“Everybody wants to be in the big dance and the final four, and schools are putting resources into their lacrosse programs and they want results,” said Meade, who was 142-97 at Navy. “I think, generally, it’s just kind of what we wanted and this is what we’ve got. Expectations are going to be high. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. I think it becomes your preference. Nothing is right or wrong in things like this.”