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West Virginia wouldn’t simply move into Missouri’s Big 12 football schedule if the Tigers leave.

Instead, “we’re going to have to redo the schedule for a variety of reasons,” Neinas said. “We’re going to have to do some adjusting.”

Clements reiterated his commitment to getting started in a new conference.

“We were a very proud member of the Big East for a long time. And a good member,” Clements said. “But now it’s all about the Big 12. And we’re thrilled to be a member of the Big 12. It is a great conference. It’s strong. It’s stable. From an academic standpoint. From a leadership standpoint. We couldn’t feel better. The stuff with the Big East will work itself out.”

Luck said West Virginia has started the complex process of reviewing details related to athletic department expenses and revenue as a Big 12 member along with looking at next season’s nonconference football schedule.

“There are a lot of things we don’t know yet,” Luck said. “Clearly the television payout is much bigger than it is in the Big East, but we also would have additional travel expenses.”

The issues also include finding a home for West Virginia’s men’s soccer team. The Big 12 doesn’t sponsor the sport. Teams in rifle, wrestling and women’s gymnastics at West Virginia compete in other conferences besides the Big East.

“We’re just becoming familiar with the bylaws of the Big 12,” Luck said. “There’s lots of details we have to look at, but we’ll get to that in due time and we’ll make prudent decisions based on the best interests of our student-athletes and our university.”