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None harbors as much tradition as the men’s track programs, which won every ACC meet between 1956 and the 1980 indoor meet and produced eight individual NCAA champions. It didn’t last; the track program has not finished better than sixth in an ACC meet since 1990.

Maryland’s men’s tennis program advanced to the NCAA tournament last spring for the first time since the event went to a single-elimination format in 1978. It won the last of its two ACC titles in 1964, and has not finished second in the conference since 1986.

The men’s swimming program has won four ACC meets, according to the Maryland athletic department website, but none since 1969-70. It has not finished in the top five at the ACC meet since 1999-2000. The women’s swimming program finished fourth in the ACC for the past two years and won the ACC meet in 2004-05.

Meanwhile, the water polo program’s first season was 2004. It has recorded winning seasons in three of the past four years, including a 19-14 mark last season. Maryland is the only ACC school that sponsors women’s water polo.

The acrobatics and tumbling team was added in the same school year. Maryland was one of the first schools to elevate what was then called competitive cheerleading to varsity status. It is the only sport offered by Maryland not sponsored by the NCAA.

“There is no doubt that this is a difficult time for all of us in the Maryland family,” Mr. Anderson wrote. “We have faced difficult challenges in the past and overcame them. I have no doubt that we will answer the call again this time.”