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It appears fans had the final say. Viewer votes combined with judges’ scores determine the winner, and Mr. Kardashian and Mr. Martinez were just a point apart when all the dancing was done. As the third-place finisher, Miss Lake was eliminated partway through the final episode.

J.R. and Karina really deserved to win,” she said after the show. “And Rob and Cheryl, I’m so impressed with them both, so it’s great to be among the three best.”

Fla. woman missing after ‘People’s Court’ appearance

More than a dozen detectives and hundreds of volunteers continued their search Tuesday for an Orlando woman who went missing after her episode of “The People’s Court” aired on television.

Orlando police said Michelle Parker, 33, was last seen Nov. 17, the day the episode aired. Her Hummer SUV was found the next day, causing family members to believe she was carjacked.

Family members last heard from her Thursday, when she sent a text message that indicated she was in an Orlando shopping area. They said it’s unlike Miss Parker to disappear because she has three children and a job as a bartender.

“If anyone knows anything, please do the right thing,” said Dustin Erickson, who choked up as he talked about his sister. “If anyone has any information, please come forward. If anyone has her, please let her go, please turn yourselves in, please do something so we can find her any way possible.”

Mr. Erickson said the TV show was probably “irrelevant” to her disappearance as it was taped three months ago. Miss Parker and her ex-boyfriend appeared on the show to resolve a dispute about a $5,000 engagement ring.

Her mother, Yvonne Stewart, told ABC News that her daughter said the show was “the most humiliating experience” of her life.

Sting, Vince Gill team for CMT’s ‘Crossroads’

If you ever see Vince Gill shirtless at one of his concerts, you can likely place the blame on Sting.

Bare-chested singing is a regular affair for the rocker, and when Mr. Gill was asked if he’d go shirtless for the pair’s Country Music Television “Crossroads” special, Sting chimed in: “He will tonight. I’m going to encourage him.”

“What a thought. You know I haven’t eaten in six weeks preparing for this gig because of this yardstick over here,” said Mr. Gill, looking at Sting before laughing: “Going to look like Laurel and Hardy up there.”

The good vibes between the two translate onstage during the special, which was taped in September and airs at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving. The rock and country veterans had worked together once before, at the 2004 Grammy Awards in tribute to the Beatles. Both said linking up musically was easy because they have “similar registers.”

“That’s always appealing — to find guys with guts enough to sing like girls,” said Mr. Gill, laughing again.

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