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“He can await the results of those investigations in freedom,” Mr. Lejuez said. “There is no need to have him stay in custody. There is nothing that indicates that Mr. Giordano has committed a crime in Aruba.”

Investigators think Mr. Giordano had motive to kill Ms. Gardner because he took out a $1.5 million travel insurance policy on her before the trip.

“We see the main motive as the possibility of the insurance fraud,” Mr. Stein said.

According to court records in Maryland, Mr. Giordano claimed to have been in financial distress several months before taking the trip and he had sought to reduce child support payments for his three sons.

Mr. Lejuez said the travel insurance was a standard policy that many people take out when they travel.
When asked if his client intended to leave the island as soon as he was freed, Mr. Lejuez said, “I think that’s the first thing I would do.”