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Give him credit for ending the John Beck experiment after three miserable games and going back to Grossman, who at least gives the Redskins a fighting chance when he doesn’t knock them out himself.

Shanahan has committed to the “I believe in John” tune and can’t stop singing it now. But he risked losing the respect — and continued effort — of his veterans if he kept playing Beck.

After a forgettable performance against Miami, Grossman had Washington in position to beat Dallas and Seattle, engineering an offense against the latter that topped 400 yards for just the second time this season.

More importantly, the Redskins came away with a win, finally, which felt like it saved the season.

“That’s what you’re in this game to do, to win,” Shanahan said. “At the same time, when you’re on a football team that’s giving you everything they’ve got, you feel good. I’ve been on some teams [and] we’ve been in losing streaks and you don’t feel like you’ve got the type of effort you’re hoping for.

“I feel good about the character of this football team.”

Everyone else can feel good about it, too.

At least for another few days.