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Only two other teams still have not won, Miami and St. Louis, but both had byes last week and are 0-4.

Yet as bleak as things look, it could be far worse.

“I try not to even think about what happened that season,” Colts defensive end Jamaal Anderson said, recalling his rookie year in Atlanta. “We had (Michael Vick) protests the first day of training camp and all types of negative phrases being used, we had a coach quit. That’s nowhere near comparable to what we’re going through here.”

Try telling to that to the fans.

While those inside the Colts complex talk about the progression of Curtis Painter, a more efficient ground game or the fact that a makeshift offensive line yielded no sacks to Kansas City on Sunday, outsiders are upset. They’ve complained about weak coverage, missed tackles, dropped passes and blown blocking assignments.

The discussions on talk radio are focusing on whether the Colts‘ reward for losing all 16 games, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, would be better than winning a handful of games and going nowhere.

“You want to win, and that’s it,” linebacker Pat Angerer said.

It could still happen.

Indy has lost its last four games by a total of 22 points, and Painter has gradually improved in each of his three appearances. He and Pierre Garcon have hooked up for four touchdowns the last two games, and the defense has, at times, shown it can be effective, too.

The keys, the Colts insist, are focus and consistency.

“I think whatever we call, we just need to execute that better,” Caldwell said. “That’s my job to get them to play better.”