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Next, enjoy two episodes from the iconic series “Batman: The Animated Series” and “The New Batman Adventures,” “Catwalk” and “Cult of the Cat” co-starring, you guessed it, Catwoman (voiced by Adrienne Barbeau). The episodes may badly be in need of some digital restoration, but they clearly display the brilliance of Mr. Timm’s vision of the Dark Knight.

Finally, viewers get the DC Showcase animated short Catwoman, extending her continuity from the Batman: Year One story. She stars in a 15-minute story about taking care of a diamond smuggler named Rough Cut with action mainly split between a risqué scene in a strip club and a nail-biting chase scene through the streets of Gotham.

Now, this cartoon should give animators a chance to experiment with a short-form daring style. Well, viewers get daring but in the area of questionable content. Catwoman’s quite sexy and violent strip tease won’t soon be forgotten. Suffice to report, children need not apply. 

Read all about it: The good news is owners of the Blu-ray get to read a digital version of issue No. 404, the first part of Batman Year One story arc, right on their never-big-enough screen. Not so good is no zooming or slideshow presentation (like recently seen in the Justice League issue in the “Green Lantern” Blu-ray) to view the panels. So, get your nose right up to the screen or buy the biggest monitor you can find.

Still, even on a 32-inch screen or so, it’s an eye-popping delight while ogling Mr. Mazzucchelli’s haunting art. Anyone intrigued should immediately go buy and read the trade paperback ($19.99) to experience the full event.