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It turns out that Orakpo has only 1.0 sack in 15 career games against NFC East opponents. Shocking. Third-string LT Todd Herremans held him without a sack, but Orakpo did draw a holding penalty and force Vick to step up into NT Barry Cofield’s sack. He also batted down a pass coming off the edge in the first quarter.


Several players didn’t land on either of the above lists because they were too inconsistent.

NT Barry Cofield was exceptional against the run in the first half. He anchored effectively against C Jason Kelce and even penetrated on a few plays by getting off the ball quickly and slanting. Also, his push up the middle on a third-quarter pass resulted in FS Oshiomogho Atogwe’s interception. The ball ricocheted high into the air after hitting him in the helmet.

Neither Cofield nor RDE Stephen Bowen, however, kept the inside linebackers clean on back-to-back runs with which Philadelphia sealed the victory in the final three minutes. Philadelphia ran, basically, the same play twice in a row. Cofield immediately moved laterally to his left on both plays, and Kelce sealed him to that side while RB LeSean McCoy cut back behind him. The Redskins knew the Eagles were going to run there and still couldn’t stop them.


FS Oshiomogho Atogwe missed at least three tackles. He also cheated up to the line of scrimmage on a play-action fake on the first play of the third quarter, which left CB DeAngelo Hall one-on-one with WR Jeremy Maclin. The result was a 59-yard completion.

But in addition to Atogwe’s first turnover as a Redskin, he also sacked QB Michael Vick. Body control is one of Atogwe’s best assets, and it’s extremely valuable when chasing an elusive player such as Vick. Atogwe broke down his stride after blitzing and finished the play.


CB DeAngelo Hall’s third-quarter interception gave the Redskins a chance to get back in the game. He kept his eyes on backup QB Vince Young — and probably couldn’t believe what he was seeing when Eagles coach Andy Reid called for Young to pass on third-and-11 from Philadelphia’s 8 while leading by 14 points. The pass was a wounded duck after SS LaRon Landryhit Young, and it was an easy pick for Hall.

On the downside, Hall was a step too late on WR Jeremy Maclin’s 59-yard catch on the first play of the third quarter. He was isolated after FS Oshiomogho Atogwe cheated up on play-action, but Hall went for the interception instead of trying to bat the ball down, and that might have cost him. Early in the second quarter, Maclin had a 26-yard reception after he turned Hall around and got significant separation. Hall was playing outside leverage and appeared eager to drive on an in cut, but Maclin faked it and broke to the sideline instead. That turned Hall in a circle and took him out of the play.


The Eagles did a fantastic job in the first half of taking the short passes the Redskins‘ defense gave them and driving the field. Washington’s cornerbacks frequently backed off the line of scrimmage to prevent the big play. The Eagles countered by being patient and piling up 5- to 10-yard gains. The quick throws also limited Washington’s pressure and frustrated its pass rushers. An Eagles offense known for its quick-strike ability had touchdown drives of 10 and 11 plays and a 10-play field goal drive. They ate up clock and helped prevent the Redskins‘ offense from finding any rhythm.


Philadelphia QB Michael Vick dropped back to pass 35 times. When the Redskins

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