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_ ensuring that athletes who leave early are academically eligible when they depart.

_ requiring nine credit hours of summer school for returning players to ensure they are progressing toward graduation

_ providing more academic support services to incoming freshmen in the summer before they enroll and that fall

_ cutting down on the number of transfers

_ encouraging players who leave early for a professional career to come back and finish their degrees.

A message seeking comment was left for Herbst on Thursday evening.

Len Elmore, a member of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, called UConn’s situation unfortunate, but said he was not surprised.

“It’s a cautionary tale,” he said. “But the need for again, focusing on the true mission of the university, is to graduate players and you can’t fail at the most important task whether you’re national champions or not.”


AP Sports Writer Mike Marot in Indianapolis contributed to this report