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Lam is dumping a new daytime wardrobe of elegant, unfussy pieces in his lady’s lap.

His “California dreamin’” muse could start with brunch in skinny navy trousers with an exaggerated white cuff and silk crepe shirt under a sweater.

If it were a lunch date, she could step it up with a kaleidoscope-print shirt, sweater and black, bone and yellow patchwork snake skirt.

Cruising the afternoon away in the convertible, she’d soak up the sunshine in his yellow and caramel leather jacket, long and lean white crocheted T-shirt and matching skirt.

And, when it turns a little chilly, there’s the bold coral-colored, pebble-leather trench coat.


Come spring, it’s still collars up _ at least if you’re wearing Tommy Hilfiger. Just don’t be stuffy about it.

Hilfiger built on themes that have emerged from the Lincoln Center tents as trends for next season, including athleticwear inspirations and mod ‘60s styles.

But he put his own spin on them in a collection called “Pop Prep.” It was a little bit crisper with its Americana sportswear silhouettes and bold color combinations. The finale dress, for example, was a V-neck kaftan in chunks of orange, red and navy.

“These are optimistic pieces, travel pieces that go anywhere,” Hilfiger said in an interview a few days before the show. “It’s easy dressing for preppy adventures. I was inspired by pop art _ I love pop art an the work of Warhol, Haring and Basquiat.”

Hilfiger’s roots, though, are in country-club styles, and instead of jettisoning them in a season that seems to be about ease, he adapted them by putting traditional glen-plaid fabric into a halter-top bathing suit and shrinking the striped rugby shirt into a crop top.


He had young, fun and relaxed in mind for his beach-inspired collection.

Valvo’s notes included a poem he wrote for the season _ “summer breezes, sea sprays, and salt water taffy” with some “seaside cottages and ballroom dances” thrown in.

For the girl heading to the Hamptons, he included an ebony cap sleeve one-piece and a champagne pearl embroidered tank dress. His signature eyewear gave the models a beach-ready look.

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