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Passing up Victory Monday was a way of life for defensive end Stephen Bowen in his previous five seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. The extra work didn’t cause him to think twice. It’s how winning teams act.

No music blared in the locker room as players drifted in and out wearing socks and sandals. They were more interested in the future than Rex Grossman’s 305 passing yards or the four sacks of Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Neild, the rookie who recorded two of the sacks, reclined in his chair, wearing a gold necklace and diamond earrings along with the team’s thickest beard.

The backup nose tackle was sore, headed for a stint in the hot and cold tubs.

Life in the NFL, the seventh-round pick believed, didn’t include days off during the season.

“Yesterday’s in the past,” Neild said. “That game’s over. We’ve got to move on.”