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Seattle can’t run the ball, is missing its best deep threat in injured Sidney Rice, and hasn’t forced a turnover. Most of its key players are newcomers, and with team leaders Matt Hasselbeck and Lofa Tatupu gone, finding the right path could be problematic all season.

The Dolphins don’t come off a division championship or even a winning record, and slow starts are a way of life in South Florida. What dooms Miami most, perhaps, is where it resides: in the AFC East, where the other three members are 2-0.

Remember, too, that Dolphins ownership courted Jim Harbaugh to become coach before he left Stanford for the 49ers _ even while Tony Sparano was still on the job. Don’t think the players fail to notice that display of lack of faith, even if Sparano got a contract extension after that debacle played out.

“It’s us,” said Jason Taylor, whose return to Miami after a season each with the Redskins and the Jets has quickly soured. “It’s not the coaches. It’s not ownership. It’s not the fans. It’s the players in this room that are doing dumb things and getting in our own way.

“If you can’t fix them, you’ve got to replace them. I’m not advocating anybody losing their job, but this is a very serious business, and it needs to be taken seriously, and I’m not sure everyone understands the magnitude of what we’re trying to do here. If you can’t get it, get out of the way and we’ll get somebody else who will.”

Might already be too late.