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LOLB Ryan Kerrigan rushed from a four-point stance on one play. (He didn’t get to the quarterback.) That’s the first time he’s done it in the regular season.


The Redskins blitzed five or more rushers on 14 of Arizona’s 33 dropbacks.

Against a four-man rush, QB Kevin Kolb was 9-of-16 for 114 yards, a touchdown, interception and sack. His passer rating was 73.4.

Against the blitz, Kolb was 8-of-14 for 137 yards, a touchdown and two sacks. His passer rating was 114.3.


On TE Jeff King’s 21-yard touchdown in the first quarter, ILB Rocky McIntosh appeared to be in zone coverage, and he passed King off to the outside when King ran a quick out to the left sideline. CB Josh Wilson was in the vicinity, but he stayed with the outside receiver down the field.

By the time Wilson realized he had to get back over to King, it was too late. It didn’t help that Wilson slipped on his cut. For King to be that wide open, it seems someone either didn’t know recognize their assignment or was late getting over.


Arizona had 10 penalties for 97 yards. By contrast, the Redskins were penalized only three times for 15. Entering Week 3, the Redskins are the least-penalized team in the NFL with only six.

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