Neinas takes the reins of fractured Big 12

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Dodds said this week that the network’s revenue is not subject to sharing with other Big 12 members. Texas officials have not commented since Beebe was let go and the new TV rights plan was disclosed. Neinas confirmed that Longhorn Network revenue, and other third-tier television money for other schools, should stay with that institution.

Asked how he’ll deal with Texas, Neinas said: “Bringing people together is what I’m going to do.”

“I think it comes down to one word: Trust,” Neinas said of the fractured league. “You’ve got to make sure that there’s a trust that exists between the members.”

Neinas says he has the energy for the job. He’s an avid skier and jogs two miles a day.

“He’s a big picture guy with an ability to become very granular in translating what has to be done,” Hatchell said. “And he knows how to build consensus. I’m pretty sure within a short period of time he’ll have everyone pulling on the reins with the same intensity.”


Freelancer Doug Tucker in Kansas City, Kan., AP Sports Writer Josh Dubow and AP College Football Writer Jeff Latzke contributed to this report.

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