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“You feel like you’re a freshman in high school again,” Suzuki added. “Trying to get to know people, trying to get comfortable in the situation. It feels like you have to prove yourself again almost.”

Renee and Malia traveled back to the Bay Area on Sunday afternoon, meeting Kurt and the Nationals when they arrived for a three-game series against the San Francisco Giants.

They’ll make their semi-permanent move to D.C. for the rest of the season in September, once things are finalized with their new house, Kurt has found a condo or apartment in D.C. and the Nationals open an 11-game homestand.

Suzuki puts on his uniform each night and knows things have changed. Gone is the green and gold, replaced by a red he’s getting used to. The days go by. The games go on. Baseball doesn’t wait for the rest of your life to catch up.

“It is kind of hard,” said Renee, whose only experience in Washington came during an eighth-grade school trip. “We leave all [our friends] behind and say, ‘We’ll see you when we see you.’ But the opportunities that D.C. offers, I think it’s exciting.”