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If kicked properly, the ball spins end over end, clockwise, and it darts toward the sideline when it hits the ground. He’d use it only when punting a relatively short distance, he said.

There’s a significant risk involved, though, because the drop is a bit awkward.

“It is a lot tougher because if you don’t hit the ball right in the right spot, you can either get too much side spin and no distance, or if you hit the ball too far in the middle, it will go straight,” Rocca said.

At age 38, Rocca is five years into his second career following a storied 14-year career playing Australian rules football. He learned to punt an NFL football to continue to earn a living, and the process continues.

“We’re toying with it,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.”

Injury update

• Left tackle Trent Williams (bone bruise, left foot), right guard Chris Chester (sprained left ankle) and left guard Maurice Hurt (left knee tendon) were limited during Wednesday’s practice.

“With Trent and Maurice, we kept them out probably the last 15 minutes,” coach Mike Shanahan said. “Chester, as well. Overall they got more reps than I thought they would today.”

• Running back Roy Helu, Jr. likely will not play against the Bears because of his left Achilles tendinitis.

“Anytime you’ve got a sore Achilles a couple days before the game, without getting a lot of reps, it makes more sense to get him ready for Indy and the last preseason game [against Tampa Bay] depending on how sore it is,” Shanahan said.

• Outside linebacker Markus White left practice with a ribs/back injury. Shanahan said it is not serious.