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If that doesn’t make you shudder, consider the long-term implications of increased federal involvement in our local schools if local bureaucrats were to evaluate elected school board members on behalf of “educrats” in Washington.

Shades of Machiavelli, eh?

“Since most school board members are elected officials, there is already a process for them to be evaluated before they are placed in their positions and there is a transparent process for the public to express pleasure or displeasure with their leadership,” said Lucy Gettman, director of federal programs at the National School Boards Association.

The process, in a word, is called voting.

And you know, the Democratic ticket should be running a bit scared because Democrats are trying to sustain the very Jim Crow practices that hurt blacks for far too long with federal monies and policies. More on that in my Monday column.

For now, pay very close attention to the president’s messaging.

His proposals are tailor-made with expensive bells and geographic whistles, but they are distractions.

His bottom line is federal government control of public schooling, and you needn’t be a “Dixie” whistler to understand as much.

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