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“In the NFL, from what I’ve heard, you don’t get very many opportunities to get to your last read, so that felt good,” Griffin said. “Coach was happy. He told me good job after that play.”

Two plays later, Griffin and Garcon hooked up for an 18-yard reception over the middle. Garcon cut off his route as both safeties defended the deep ball. Griffin anticipated Garcon’s stop and delivered a pass on time — an indication of his chemistry with Garcon and knowledge of receivers’ options in the Redskins‘ offense.

Griffin celebrated his first touchdown pass by sprinting toward the sideline after Garcon flipped into the end zone. His night was complete, and a minor step — but an important one — was a success.

“He did everything you asked him to do,” Shanahan said. “Made some plays, good throws, very calm, cool, and collected for his first game.”