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As for Berlin, Hitler’s plan ended in the utter ruin of the city at the hands of the Soviet army. He committed suicide in Berlin during the closing days of the war.

“When Hitler took his own life in his Chancellery bunker on 30 April 1945, he took with him not only his plan for Germany’s military domination of Europe but also his attempt to turn Berlin into the capital of the world, Germina — the two plans were not only closely connected, each was a precondition and expression of the other,” Friedrich writes. “Berlin continues to the present day to bear the burden of both these foolhardy schemes.”

Today, Berlin is a vibrant, progressive, tolerant, multicultural capital of a reunified Germany.

Hitler would have hated the Berlin he inadvertently helped create.

Frank T. Csongos, former bureau chief of United Press International and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, reported for UPI from Berlin in 1991 when it became the capital of a reunited Germany.