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“When one guy messes up, as we proved last year, obviously, good things don’t happen,” Shanahan said. “So we’ve worked on it, our guys are pretty solid, but it only takes one guy to mess up and all of a sudden you’re back to the drawing board, so hopefully we can keep it up.”

Cooley gets increased time

Veteran tight end Chris Cooley was a more visible part of the offense Sunday, seeing action on 17 percent of snaps. Niles Paul took just 7 percent of offensive snaps.

Cooley hasn’t been asked to do much since coming back after Fred Davis’ season-ending injury. But against the Ravens, he was counted on to block, which is what he now does best.

“Chris is playing his role extremely well. That’s what you’ve got to have,” Shanahan said. “You’ve got to have everybody understanding their role, and when they do get their opportunity they take advantage of it.”

Injury updates

Left tackle Trent Williams (thigh) and inside linebacker London Fletcher (ankle) are improving, Shanahan said. Cornerback DeAngelo Hall (ankle) came out of Sunday’s game fine, if not a little bit sore.