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No, skin color should never be a basis of judgment. So let justice be blind while the rest of us enjoy the blessing of sight.

We most certainly see color. Just like we see gender and generation. And height and weight. And hair and the lack thereof. It’s OK.

We can acknowledge that people (gasp!) come in different sizes, shapes and colors, without reaching conclusions or determining treatment based on size, shape and color. Noting the obvious isn’t a character flaw; “blindness” isn’t a sign of moral superiority.

Conversely, despite stereotypes and generalizations, blacks and whites aren’t monolithic any more than thicks and thins. Whether RG3 is militant or milquetoast, radical or reserved, apoplectic or apologetic, he’s still, in his words, “an African-American in America.”

There’s no need to debate that fact, especially not on national TV.

I just wish I was clearer about that before my friend went on ESPN and questioned RG3’s bonafides. It might not have made a difference, but I’d feel better about what transpired.