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Throughout the roughly 10-hour campaign to help Frodo reach Mount Doom and destroy the Ring, Howard Shore’s sweeping orchestral score keeps the adventure as exciting as nostalgic for the movie fans and music lovers.

The overall experience will provide further educational opportunities for parents to introduce their 10-year-olds to the original novels, the latest movies and preparing the family for the new film “The Hobbit.”

It also teaches teamwork through some of the simple puzzles. Early on, while the entire Fellowship is walking around the wintry pass of Caradhras, taller characters must carry smaller ones through snow mounds.

And, don’t forget the importance of teaching junior to not beat the tar out of another brethren, no matter how much fun it is watching him break apart into studs.

The inspirational Lego Lord of the Rings may stand the epoch as Traveler’s Tales’ shining moment and really is, pardon the obvious Rings cliché, the Tolkien-inpired video game that rules them all.

Except, of course, until Lego The Hobbit hits store shelves. By the way, I’m still dreaming about Lego Aliens vs. Predator; hurry up Traveler’s Tales.