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Sometimes it takes a journeyman bench player to bring something a little different to the table, on and off the court.

“If I see guys kind of down, I tell them, ‘Keep your head up, you never know what could happen,’” Barron said. “If you’re playing a lot or playing a little, you’ve got to stay focused with the task at hand and hopefully we’ll turn it around.”

The Wizards are in the midst of their most grueling stretch of the season so far — four games in five nights for two straight weeks — and whether they’ll admit it or not, have to be a bit fatigued right now. They’re languishing at the bottom of the NBA standings, can’t close out games, and occasionally, still revert to the kind of “me first” ball that drives Wittman crazy.

“It’s not looking the best,” Barron said of the team’s record. “But all of these close games, you take away all the little mistakes and we’ll be a .500 team. It’s just a matter of a few plays and a few mistakes that’s keeping us from getting wins.”