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For example, extras include photo galleries, trivia facts (the average distance to the center of the Earth is 3,957 miles), 360-degree views of props (move finger around on screen to change angle), sharing film clips through social networks, videos on costume designs and an interactive timeline highlighting key historical moments from the years 1990 to 2127 in the Total Recall mythology.

Best of the bunch is a quartet of Green Screen Angle Viewers offering the simultaneous watching of multiple pieces of a special-effects-heavy scene.

A user can swipe his finger across the scene as it plays out to balance how he views its pre- to post-production evolution. It mixes shots of actors on a green screen with the pre-viz (a computer-generated storyboard) version of the scene with the finished shot.

Movie Touch is still not as immersive as the Disney Second Screen iPad app used for such films as John Carter, The Avengers and Tron, but it’s still a free resource that satisfyingly dissects the wonders of cinema.