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“The National Rifle Association continues to have a majority favorable image in the eyes of the American public, as it has in all but one of the seven surveys in which Gallup has measured it since 1993,” wrote Gallup Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport. “The NRA’s image is highly politicized, with Republicans largely saying they have a favorable opinion, while a majority of Democrats view the association unfavorably. Most Americans with a gun in their household have a favorable opinion of the NRA, but one-fourth do not — and 49% of those with a gun in the household say the NRA represents their views on guns only sometimes, or never.”


Mortgage loans didn’t violate ethics rules

The House Ethics Committee says it found no violations by House members whose mortgage loans went through the VIP section of the former Countrywide Financial Corp.

The committee said nearly all the allegations involved loans that were granted so long ago that they fell outside the panel’s jurisdiction. The committee added that participation in the VIP program did not necessarily mean borrowers received the best financial deal available.

The committee said it was concerned with the actions of House staff members who may have reached out to Countrywide lobbyists for assistance with their personal loans.

The report said that if these staff loans had been more recent, there may have been disciplinary action.


Governor signs new law to permit emergency manager takeovers

DETROIT — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a law that gives distressed communities the ability to choose an emergency manager or other remedies to fix their finances.

The bill was approved by lawmakers after voters repealed an emergency-manager law in the fall election. Mr. Snyder’s office said Thursday that the law is among 19 signed by the governor, just a portion of the dozens of bills that still are on his desk.

If a review team finds that a financial emergency exists, local governments and school districts have four choices, including an emergency manager, bankruptcy or a reform plan with the state.

The law won’t start until late March. Under the old law, the power to send an emergency manager rested solely with the governor.


Mexico urges court to stop Arizona from enforcing law

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