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Griffin was satisfied he was able to run the zone-read option well enough to keep Dallas’ defense off balance. He scored on one of the runs from 10 yards.

He called it the greatest win of his life.

“It’s safe to say I’m the happiest guy in the room,” he said.

Minutes later, though, Griffin shifted his focus to the Redskins‘ next obstacle.

“We want to go all the way, but it starts with Seattle,” he said. “That’s all we got on our mind.”

Part of that preparation means separating themselves from the grind of the regular season and considering the playoffs a four-game season that ends at the Super Bowl, Shanahan said.

The one-game-at-a-time cliche the Redskins have hammered for seven weeks still applies, and that should help sustain their focus.

“Now all the records are thrown out and we’re starting over,” cornerback Josh Wilson said. “We’re just going in here and concentrating on Seattle, moving past last night’s victory because every game from now on gets us to more and more important stuff.”

Cofield owns a ring that validates that progression.

“You can’t approach it any differently,” he said. “You know the intensity level’s going to step up, and you’re going to feel it in the air when you get out there on next Sunday. But it’s just business as usual. When we get in there on Wednesday, our coaches will have a great plan for us and we’ve got to execute.”