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“I was in there trying to get the ball out. he was grabbing my leg and yanking me out of the pile,” Montgomery said. “I tried to get my leg loose out of his arms. I guess that’s when he tried to stomp me.”

By the time everything got sorted out, Joseph and Lichtensteiger were given offsetting personal fouls. But that doesn’t mean there was total agreement about what happened.

“I saw No. 95, Rocky Bernard, getting after one of our guys, so I stepped in there and tried to push him off. That’s really all I did,” Lichtensteiger said. “Certainly wasn’t expecting to hear my number called. I don’t know. Maybe they called the wrong number or maybe they just happened to see me out of everybody. But I certainly couldn’t be the worst offender in that pile.”

Asked about the incident, coach Mike Shanahan chose not to address it.

“I don’t even want to talk about that one. I don’t want to get fined after a win,” he said. “After a loss, I can take the punishment. But, anyway, it is what it is.”

Griffin’s fumbling touchdown

For the second time this season, Robert Griffin III fumbled the ball only to have it end up as a Redskins touchdown because of one of his receivers. On Monday night, it was Joshua Morgan, who caught Griffin’s fumble in mid-air to give the Redskins a 7-3 lead.

“We didn’t run it in practice because we wanted to save it for the game,” Griffin joked. “I just knew he was going to be there ready for it.”

Morgan kept up the act.

“I mean, basically, it was just an option play,” he said. “I just kept my pitch relationship on the option, and he pitched it to me as he was going down to the ground.”

Officials reviewed the play to see if Griffin was down by the time the ball came out. It turned out he wasn’t.

It worked out well that Morgan was in the right place at the right time.

“We’ve already gone through this. It was a pitch to Josh,” Griffin said. “I knew he was going to be there, so I’m going to stay with that story.”

Extra points

Giants tackle Sean Locklear, who started four games for the Redskins in 2011, had to be carted off with an injury late in the game. Coach Tom Coughlin confirmed “it’s a knee” injury.