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Throughout the year, the Ravens have been vulnerable against the run, which saw Houston’s zone running scheme gash them for 181 yards on the ground. Washington runs a similar scheme, though out of the pistol, making it quicker to hand the ball off and easier to disguise plays.

“When you have a quarterback that can do what he does, it makes you have to game plan for him too,” McClain said. “Most teams don’t game plan too much for the quarterback running. He’s always like that extra guy you don’t really calculate for. But you have to calculate for him. He opens up a lot of things for everyone else.”Though the offense is something college teams use more often than the professionals, Griffin and the Redskins could soon change the landscape of the NFL.

With more quarterbacks entering the league with the ability to run the zone read option, Griffin could be setting a trend for years to come. And this is something Ravens coach John Harbaugh has taken notice of.

“It’s a unique twist in the NFL and [Griffin‘s] got a unique skill set,” Harbaugh said. “You have to be able to do the things he does. You’ve got to be able to run the option. Not every quarterback has that skill set, but every quarterback is unique. You try to build around your guys, but sure, it’s different.”