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The use of any new technology opens the door to possible human error and frustration. That definitely is what’s at play in the nation’s capital, where Ms. Noble quoted a veteran officer as saying I/Leads is neither “user-friendly” nor “intuitive.”

The city is experiencing lower homicide rates, as officials recently announced, and that is truly good news (and let’s pray it continues).

Gathering, disseminating and sharing accurate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly crime information equals credibility. As things stand now, the department is blocking the public’s view.

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but because taxpayers pay for D.C. police services, don’t they all have a right to know if tourists are being targeted for robberies, if a band of roving homophobes is preying on transgender people or a violent lot of youths has their eyes trained on Christmas shoppers?

Who is man enough to, ahem, hail the chief on this one?

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