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“Honestly, I think Adderall is an excuse,” former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder told “Now, if you get busted, you just say it’s Adderall and it goes under the rug. The league can’t come out and correct you.”

Adderall is viewed much less harsher than steroids or human growth hormone. Lots of children have grown up with legitimate prescriptions for Adderall, while college children use it illicitly to party or study all night. So maybe it helps players digest their voluminous playbooks and remain mentally sharp. A couple of cans of Red Bull can do likewise.

But Crowder knows one position group clearly has the potential to abuse Adderall. “I played six years with a struggling team, and I must have had 400 different teammates,” he said. Only one of them needed to be on Adderall.

“If you are a cornerback in the NFL and you have to cover Andre Johnson, wouldn’t you want something that will keep you focused and calm you down?”