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Stoglin struggled with the added attention Duke assigned to him, shooting 4-for-16 and earning a four-minute benching late in the second half.

It didn’t sit well with Stoglin, who took to Twitter to express his unhappiness with the benching. He later deleted his criticism and apologized for his outburst, citing frustrating over Maryland’s latest loss.

Regardless of Stoglin’s choices with social media, his decisions on the floor will draw even more scrutiny. He and Faust remain the obvious candidates to again take turns in Howard’s absence, with freshman walk-on Arnold Richmond a possibility for an occasional cameo.

But as Saturday made clear, attempting to survive without its starting point guard complicates matters for Maryland for the rest of the season.

“We couldn’t even run a play,” Turgeon said. “Terrell’s been playing mostly the two and so we couldn’t even run a play. It was tough. It was tough out there.”