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“Oftentimes, I think we’ll know the first couple minutes of the game if it’s good Tony or bad Tony in terms of the concentration,” American coach Jeff Jones said. “A lot of players are like that, but for him whether it’s making his first shot or getting something positive to happen, I think that can springboard him. For Tony, it’s about activity. Does he look energetic?”

Jones has seen more and more verve from Wroblicky as the season has unfolded. The sophomore acknowledged he’s more comfortable scoring and working in the post than he was a few months ago.

Like his own frame, Wroblicky’s impact is big. Maybe larger than he even realizes, and certainly on an even grander scale than he likely envisioned when he learned last summer he was suddenly a starter.

Tony’s just like a little puppy,” Jones said. “He has no idea how good, I think, eventually he’s going to be or how big or how big strong. He’s like, ‘OK coach,’ then he goes out. He wants to please. He works really hard. I think he likes playing basketball, and he wants to be good. It’s simple. It’s not real complicated with Tony.”