All-Star point guards talk about future All-Star John Wall

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Rondo admitted he might be biased, but gave his vote for the most clutch players in the game to Celtics teammates Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

As for Wall, Rondo likes his development and his signature move.

“He’s getting better every year, that’s the key. You don’t want to judge yourself off of other players as long as you’re getting better and continue to get better. That’s what I think he’s doing. His team isn’t doing well, but he’s a young guy, and he’s got to continue to stay positive. If he does that, you never know what can happen.

“I would tell him to stay hungry and stay in love with just getting better. And he’s got a great spin move.”

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

“He’s aggressive,” Westbrook said of Wall.

“He’s a very aggressive, talented guy. He always competes. He’s doing his job, trying to help his team win. He took a big step in that win over us [Jan. 18]. I’d tell him to continue to play and try to get better, regardless of all the losing. There are ways to get better, even when you’re losing.”

Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers

Asked to build the perfect point guard, Paul did a little mixing and matching.

“You’d want the size of D-Will [Deron Williams], to dribble like me or Steve Nash, the explosiveness and speed of Derrick Rose and the athletic ability of Russell Westbrook.”

And where would Wall fit on Paul’s list?

“He’s getting there. They’re not winning as much as he’d like, but as he continues to get better, watches film, it’s only going to help. I’d tell him to keep working. Work while everybody else is sleeping.

“Being here at All-Star weekend will help motivate him too. When you play in the rookie-sophomore game and you get a chance to see the All-Star game on Sunday, it motivates you to want to play in it.”

Wall couldn’t agree more.

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