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“I don’t look at 3-5. I really don’t,” Turgeon said. “I’m going to look at the film and see how I can make them better.”

In the end, it’s not complex. Turgeon had two priorities entering Saturday: Limit the damage in transition and box out on offense. Carolina rarely had opportunities on the break, with the Terps dutifully sending three players back rather than allocate more guys to fight on the offensive glass.

The defensive rebounding, though, was another matter for a Maryland team reminded again of the fine line it walks this season.

“It’s really simple,” Turgeon said. “I’ve never had more trouble getting a team to be more physical on box-outs. We’ve worked on it, we talk about it, we work on it every day. Some of it’s going to be their length, but a lot of it’s going to be us just not competing on the glass when we need to compete. If we just could have gotten a couple rebounds in there, it might have been a different outcome.”