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Abramoff also said Congress should ban the revolving door, barring members and their staffers from going to work as lobbyists. He said 90 percent of the people with whom he dealt on Capitol Hill wanted to come work for him and that offering staffers jobs “was an incredible way to control a congressional office.”

He said he spent $1.5 million a year for tickets to sporting events and concerts he gave to people he wanted to influence. He also said bribery takes place over time and he would provide “a stream of goodies and then ask them back for a stream of goodies the other way.” He also called for term limits for members of Congress.

Abramoff said he made from $5 million to $20 million a year lobbying, although he was not sure how much money he made overall in his lobbying career. An estimate, he said, would be from $50 million to $80 million. He said he and his wife gave 80 percent of the money to charity and community causes, adding, “We didn’t live extravagantly.”