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The on-demand service from this movie rental pioneer lets customers rent or buy movies and TV shows and watch them through their TV, Blu-ray player, digital video recorder, mobile phone or other gadget. There are no monthly fees.

Renting ranges from fee for a small amount of content to “$2.99 or less” and “$3 or higher” depending on the movie or show.

Separately, Blockbuster also offers access to its (at)Home service for customers who sign up for satellite-TV services from Dish Network Corp., its parent company. The (at)Home service includes streaming movies as well as DVDs by mail. It is included for three months for new Dish customers who sign up for the service. After that, it’s as low as $10 a month.

_ Cable

Cable TV providers such as Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Cable Inc. offer on-demand options to their monthly subscribers. Time Warner charges $3 or less for older movies, more for new releases. Other cable TV companies have similar pricing. Movies are sometimes free, including those that come with a subscription to HBO or other premium channels.

Of course, you need monthly cable service, which generally runs about $70 per month.

_ Hulu and Hulu Plus

The service owned by the parent companies of broadcasting networks ABC, NBC and Fox offers thousands of TV show episodes and movies to its viewers.

Besides a free option, Hulu Plus subscribers can pay $8 per month for more content, high-definition viewing and access on the iPad and newer-model iPhones, as well as video game consoles and high-end TV sets from Samsung, Sony or others.

Hulu’s content skews more toward TV shows than movies, though both are available. It’s a good option for those looking to watch shows such as the “Daily Show,” “Family Guy” or “The Office.”

Both Hulu and Hulu Plus show advertisements, though on Hulu Plus there are movies available without commercial interruption. Hulu is also delaying the availability of some TV episodes on its free service.

_ Vudu, from Wal-Mart offers streaming movies and TV shows through the website, generally for $2 to $6. Many movies are available for streaming a la carte, the same day they come out on DVD. There are no monthly subscription plans.