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Beyond cutting short what Billups believed was evolving into a “special season” for him and the Clippers, the injury also ended his dreams of playing in the Olympics

Billups was one of 20 players chosen as candidates to play on the U.S. team at the London Games. He’ll be watching them this summer as well.

“That’s one of my big, big disappointments as well,” Billups said. “I should have been on the team that won it four years ago but I pulled out because of a family issue, my mother was sick. I never thought I would have another chance to do it and was in a position to do it and now this. So that’s disappointing, man.

“But like I said, one thing you can’t control is fate. I’m just going to keep moving right along and I’ll be back.”

Once he has surgery, Billups intends to help the Clippers any way he can. He has already spoken to the team about pushing through the adversity. He won’t let them use his loss as an excuse.

“I’ll be watching the games and texting them and coaching and helping them do what I think can be one special season,” he said. “I think it can still happen.”

Billups‘ contract with the Clippers only runs through this season. Mr. Big Shot wants another shot as long as they’ll have him.

“I feel like I have some unfinished business here,” he said. “I love the movement. I love what’s going on. We had a really good thing going and I’d like to continue that.”