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Cody Eakin got a one-game cameo back with the Caps on New Year’s Eve in Columbus after a long stretch early in the season. He was recalled Thursday when Green went on LTIR and hopes to make this a longer stay.

“I want to come up here and prove them right,” Eakin said. “They’re giving me another opportunity so hopefully I can work hard and do that.”

Eakin, who had three goals and three assists in his first 19 NHL games, knows exactly what he needs to do when back with the Caps.

“Just get back to the way I was playing: gritty, first one on the forecheck, simple plays,” he said. “I was over-thinking a lot of things about moving my feet and kind of getting lost a little bit. But I think that happens when you go out there and try not to make a mistake rather than play your game. “