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Mike Shanahan said Morris will coach the cornerbacks and safeties, but he likely will have an assistant.

Coaches in preseason form

The calendar reads January, but Monday was reminiscent of a July training camp afternoon for the coaching staff.

Mike Shanahan stood with his arms folded watching the South team run drills at this annual showcase for draft-eligible seniors. And when the right side of the offensive line jumped offside, he burst into the huddle to coach them up.

Shanahan, though, was smiling after practice.

“We get a chance to not only see their athletic ability, but we get a chance see them in the classroom for four or five days, how they handle themselves, how they relate to coaches and players,” Shanahan said. “So it’s a good evaluation process.”

The Redskins‘ staff ran Monday’s practice like a normal session at team headquarters in Ashburn. Coaches will host meetings with players and run practices all week in preparation for Saturday’s game.

“We’re going to have fun doing it,” Haslett said. “The guys are fun to coach.”