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“We don’t refer to it as Mt. McKinley; we just call it ‘Denali.’ That’s what we’ve always called it. Denali is an Alaska Native word, an Athabascan word, and it means ‘The High One.’ …I know the name Mount McKinley has some special significance to the folks in Ohio because of President William McKinley. My response to those folks is: You’re more than welcome to go right on referring to the mountain as Mount McKinley, just as Alaskans have long referred to the mountain as Denali. All that’s changing is that the Alaskan name is becoming technically correct for an Alaskan landmark.”

So said Sen. Lisa Murkowski as her rationale for changing the name of Mount McKinley to Mount Denali during a recent hearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources national parks subcommittee. McKinley, incidentally, was born in Niles, Ohio, and was the state’s 39th governor. The nation’s highest peak was named to honor the president by local prospector William Dickey in 1896.


“Nobody likes to be called a liar, but to be called a liar by Bill Clinton is really a unique experience.”

H. Ross Perot on President Clinton during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” April 25, 1993.


The Obama campaign’s new suggestion to use weddings and birthdays to solicit donations to re-elect President Obama made his fans giddy. Mr. Obama’s critics, on the other hand, are amazed at the audacity of such unprecedented political marketing.

Nick Gillespie, editor-in-chief of the libertarian and Reason TV, calls the idea a “modern low point in political discourse.” He suggests an alternative. In lieu of cash, Mr. Gillespie advises the proper Obama fan to send Mr. Obama a gift instead, preferably one from the SkyMall catalog, which has been tucked into airline seats for decades. Mr. Gillespie’s suggestions:

A Skyrest Travel Pillow, because Mr. Obama appears to spend much time flying the campaign trail in Air Force One.

Lawn aerator sandals, as a way to look after the White House lawn economically and still participate in the first lady’s “Let’s Move” physical activity program.

The “It is what it is” motto bracelet, which Mr. Gillespie suggests could be “easily be re-gifted to former Obama aides, allies, and senatorial colleagues who have recently become just too busy to attend the Democratic National Convention.”

A Miami Heat logo ring. Just to remind Mr. Obama it’s Miami Heat not “Miami Heats.”

And last but not least, the Go Away Gray hair care set because “when you’re the president, you need every edge you can get,” Mr. Gillespie concludes.


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