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While the company’s license expired in 2006, Mr. Lawson pointed out that as an individual he’s never had any infractions.

“Obviously, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the language,” Mr. Lawson said when asked about statements describing his company as offering insurance. “We’ll get it fixed. I’m not trying to hold myself out to be something I’m not.”

In an email, he added, “I’m thinking the [Maryland] Insurance Administration would have easily told me to change something about what I’m doing if it was up to no good.”

Maryland Insurance Administration records confirm that, as an individual, Mr. Lawson is licensed and in good standing, but as a company, Insuraty is described as “inactive” with an expiration date listed of Feb. 3, 2006.

Speaking generally and not specifically about Insuraty or any other company, Vivian D. Laxton, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Insurance Administration, said state regulators investigate when they learn “that a business entity may be unlawfully holding itself out to the public as a Maryland-licensed insurance producer.”

“If, after completing its investigation, the producer enforcement unit concludes that a business entity that does not have the required license to act as a Maryland insurance producer has solicited, procured or negotiated insurance policies or contracts … further action would be taken,” she said.