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At his worst in 2012: Has yet to play a round under par at the majors this year, and is a collective 18 over at the Masters and U.S. Open.

British Open moment: Two shots out of the lead going into the weekend last year and posting a 75 in the third round.

Pot bunker mentality: He is returning to how he was before he slipped on the green jacket. Very polished. Lots of talent. Doesn’t really do anything memorable. To win two majors in his 20s would set him apart, though he needs to do something that will get people to take notice.



Age: 42.

Country: United States.

World ranking: 32.

Worldwide wins: 19.

Majors: U.S. Open (2003).

At his best in 2012: Played in the final group at the U.S. Open and was tied for the lead with three holes to play.

At his worst in 2012: Snap-hooked a fairway metal into the trees on the 16th hole at Olympic for a bogey that knocked him out of the lead.

British Open moment: Began his Open career by making the cut five straight times, followed by five straight years of missing the cut.

Pot bunker mentality: His low ball flight might make him look like a good fit for links golf, but it’s all about controlling the weight (distance) and making putts. Furyk has struggled in both those areas. Has the experience of playing Lytham twice, in 1996 and 2001.


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