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* Well, Mike Shanahan’s roster is certainly younger. Thirtysomethings Jabar Gaffney, Donte Stallworth, O.J. Atogwe, Mike Sellers, Rex Grossman and John Beck are either gone or have been demoted (Grossman), and in their stead we have twentysomethings Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan, Tanard Jackson and Griffin (among others). In the passing game, in particular, Shanny has made a raft of changes — at quarterback and possibly two wideout spots. How quickly it comes together is anybody’s guess. And that’s assuming Garcon and Morgan, the two splashiest free agent signings, are as good as the Redskins think they are.

In recent years, Redskins fans have almost had to hypnotize themselves into believing the team had a chance to win. Now that RG3 is on the scene, though, no such self-delusion is necessary. Nothing breeds optimism — and generalized craziness — like an electric young quarterback.

It tends to be forgotten that the Golden Years for the franchise weren’t the first Gibbs administration (1981-92), which produced three Lombardi trophies (and four Super Bowl trips). No, the Golden Years were the period from 1936 (the club’s last season in Boston) to ‘45, a decade that saw the Redskins reach the championship game six times (and win two).

The QB for all but the first year of that stretch was a fellow named Sammy Baugh. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Baugh was a franchise quarterback before the term was even invented, and he helped turn the Redskins into a Washington institution. The team has been waiting 60 years to draft another Sammy, another shooting star it could latch onto and ride to the heavens. Griffin could be The One.

So, yeah, I guess this training camp might be a touch more interesting than last summer’s Grossman-Beck “shootout.” Bring it on.