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But in his desperation to win again after making such a mess of things, he has resorted to those old, small tactics such as flipping his position on gay marriage to woo that faction. Or granting amnesty to illegals in hopes of rounding up Hispanic votes.

He’s become like an old, washed-up rock star, playing to small and smaller crowds but never quite able to get that old magic back.

And we are not talking Mick Jagger. We are talking Meat Loaf, all sad and sweaty and crashing around the stage, desperate to get one little flicker of his old fleeting glory days back again.

This was the guy who promised to bring peace to the world, prosperity to the poor and calm the raging seas.

He accepted the Democratic nomination at Mile High Stadium in Denver, the symbolic apex that his 2008 campaign was.

The soaring heights of his campaign promises mirror the low, desperate valleys of his actual presidency. This year’s nomination will be accepted in the muggy little city of Charlotte, N.C. Elevation: 751 feet.

That’s a 4,529-foot letdown. No wonder so many Democrats are scrambling not to go.

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