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MILWAUKEE MOMENTUM: Even before all the fans had made their way to the seats for Saturday’s rain-delayed IndyCar race at the Milwaukee Mile, race promoter Michael Andretti had an announcement to make about the event’s future.

Speaking on the track’s public address system, Andretti told the crowd that IndyCar would be back to Milwaukee in 2013.

Andretti Sports Marketing announced that next year’s race would be held June 14-15 next year, with tickets going on sale Sunday.

“I think we had a great crowd for the first shot out here,” Andretti said. “It’s something to build on. We’re going to be back here next year, and hopefully for a long time after that.”

The announcement provides some much-needed stability for the historic but financially troubled Milwaukee track. After not holding any major racing events in 2010, Milwaukee hosted an IndyCar race in 2011 but drew a lackluster crowd.

Milwaukee originally was left off the 2012 IndyCar schedule. The race was brought back after Andretti agreed to take over as promoter.


BARRETT’S BACK: No longer in the spotlight of a nationally relevant recall election, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett was at the Milwaukee Mile before Saturday’s IndyCar race.

Barrett lost the recall to Scott Walker last week, leaving Walker in place as Wisconsin’s governor.

“For me, I’ve always loved being the mayor of the city of Milwaukee,” Barrett said. “Obviously, it was a very unique situation here in Wisconsin with the recall. But I love being the mayor of Milwaukee, and I’m delighted to be here today.”

Barrett praised the Andretti family and local business leaders for supporting the Milwaukee race.

“I’m very optimistic, and it’s really because of Michael Andretti and the Andretti family,” Barrett said. “They have shown an amazing commitment to this, and I’m very grateful on behalf of this community. And I think it’s a reflection of the rich history we have here in Milwaukee, at this track, and I think just that the Andretti family has at this track. A lot of times decisions shouldn’t be made on emotions, and I know they’re not. But it helps to have the family relationship.”


MOBILE MADNESS: Given the IndyCar Series’ focus on technology, there’s more to a modern corporate sponsorship than simply slapping a company name on the side of a race car. Verizon, the primary sponsor of Will Power’s car, has developed an IndyCar application for mobile phones as an additional way to reach fans.

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