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If Djokovic goes on to win the French Open _ joining Don Budge in 1938, and Rod Laver in 1962 and 1969 as winners of four major titles in succession _ those six match points certainly will stand out.

“When you make shots like that, and you win matches like that, you sort of go down in, like, the folklore, in the history books. It puts you at a level where suddenly you could be talked about as like one of the greatest players that ever lived,” McEnroe said. “I really respect the ability of a guy like Novak to find a way to be able to pull stuff like that off.”

Budge and Laver went 4 for 4 at Grand Slam tournaments within a calendar year. So there are those who quickly point out that Djokovic’s feat wouldn’t be considered a true Grand Slam, because it’s spread over two seasons.

Would be quite impressive nonetheless, though.

“If he was able to win four in a row? Man, I’d take four in a row any day. It’s not technically the `Grand Slam,’” McEnroe said, “but I’d come up with some statue or something that said I had four in a row, and I’d be parading it around my house for the rest of my life.”


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