DALY: Checkbook violence in NFL must carry costly punishment

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You hear it all the time: Football players are bigger, stronger and faster than ever. And that means, of course, that collisions are more destructive, too. It’s a miracle nobody has ever died on an NFL field from a vicious hit. Wonder if the Bounty Boys ever think about that when they’re dividing up the loot and setting the prices on the next opponent.

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Dan Daly

Dan Daly

Dan Daly has been writing about sports for the Washington Times since 1982. He has won numerous national and local awards, appears regularly in NFL Films’ historical features and is the co-author of “The Pro Football Chronicle,” a decade-by-decade history of the game. Follow Dan on Twitter at @dandalyonsports –- or e-mail him at ddaly@washingtontimes.com.

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