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It wasn’t the first time the Terps faced such a reality this season, but it was probably the last. Along the way, they lost and gained and lost again their starting point guard (Pe’Shon Howard), added Len after a suspension, saw Faust demonstrate marked improvement in the final month and almost always were as pesky as possible.

Maryland’s ceiling dropped a bit when Howard was injured last month, but there was still reason to believe the Terps had just about maximized their ability.

“I think we matured during the season and that’s the only thing you can ask for,” senior guard Sean Mosley said. “There was a new coach, a new coaching staff, a new system, everything. I think all the guys responded in a positive way.”

Turgeon had a similar sentiment in keeping with his thoughts throughout the bulk of the year. Friday, appropriately enough, was a microcosm of an entire season that is all but over.

“We had to fight so hard just to do what we did to this point,” Turgeon said. “We need the weekend just to sit back and talk about it. We’ll see. We had a winning record. If you’d have told me that in December, I didn’t think there was any chance. We were squeezing by Mount St. Mary’s and Radford and we lose our point guard halfway through the league. For these kids to have done what they did, I’m really proud of them.”